How to cost down

1.  Design your line width and space more than 6 mil even our capability is 3 mil. We will not charge additional cost for the products with 6 mil line width and space, while in additional charge relative cost if line width or space are close to 3 mil.

2.  The drilling hole size is better to be designed larger than 24 mil, and avoid blind or buried holes if possible.

3.  Choose normal materials and surface finishing treatment, we won’t charge additional cost for FR-4, 1.6 mm thickness, 1 OZ, HASL surface treatment.

4.  If you have several designs, you could put them in same design set, we only charge 50% tooling cost for extra design in one set. Maximum 4 products are allowed in one design.

5.  Please send us Gerber file or PCB file for detail quotation.

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