Special production and technics information

1: May product 10 layer of general order , small lots 18 layer
2: Carbon board ,Carbon plug hole board , Silver plug the hole ,Peelable solder mask board
3: Base material : Metal ,Ceramic ,Hih CTI ,Rsistibility CAF, Hlogen--free
4: Technics Ability :
a: Line space and width : 4mil*4mil
b: Copper thickness of base material : 1/3OZ、1/2OZ、1OZ、2OZ、3OZ
c: Finish thickness : 0.4~~4.0mm
d: Minimal hole size :0.2mm
e: Plating : HASL , finger gold , fresh gold ,OSP ,ENIG
f : Value of impedance and tolerance : 50Ω±10%\"

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