Strong rise of China's semiconductor industry Threat to foreign manufacturers

Mainland over the past development of semiconductor structure is not perfect, the overall IC industry appeared behind two characteristics: (1) the development level lags behind, low order a large number of export products, high order a large number of imported products. (2) the structure of the "first foot light weight", a very low percentage hierarchical design, manufacturing, packaging industry is a high proportion of downstream. Mainland China IC test industry accounted for 45%, 30% of IC manufacturing, IC design industry accounted for 25%. Although IC test industry accounted for the largest, but the most advanced testing technology in the hands of international companies, in order to improve the industry, in June 2014, the Chinese government formally approved by the state council to implement the national integrated circuit industry development to promote outline, is expected to set up 120 billion yuan (approximately nt $600 billion) investment fund, to support China's semiconductor industry. Taiwan and China's semiconductor industry competition, ignite war officially.

Hurry to one of the reasons for the development of semiconductor industry, China is the semiconductor has become China's largest imports, the mainland economy for the development of import substitution, really is the primary goal of substitution. Last year's $231.3 billion semiconductor chip products, formal than crude oil imports, the trade deficit of 143.6 billion yuan. Another reason for the national security issues, the United States in 2013 rash "prism door", "listening door" incident, the mainland government realized the importance of the safety problems of science and technology, "go to the IOE" (IBM, Oracle, and EMC) at the core of thinking strategy, formally raised to the height of the national strategic development, and the semiconductor has been at the core position of information technology. China communications equipment, government, financial institutions such as the use of industrial computer, server chips for more European and American manufacturers, based on the national security concerns, China should introduce the localization of IC. Under the two big reasons for this blessing, mainland China semiconductor industry over the next five years will be the support of the government's main object.

The threat of foreign manufacturers also smell, qualcomm after by the Chinese government launched an antitrust investigation, immediately announced 28 nanometers (nm) mobile phone chips production part to the wafer foundry in mainland smic, to the Chinese government. China's domestic market is big, have a say weight, mainland and positive use of weapons. Mainland zte independent research and development platform for the LTE multimode chips, certified by China mobile, breaking the long-term foreign chip factory monopoly status. These all show China through the introduction of foreign advanced technology, semiconductor wafer and customized to accelerate its import substitution policy development.

Impact on Taiwan's semiconductor industry is mainly, from mainland China has been in the development of testing industry. Mainland in order to meet the future industry fostering plan, smic's joint venture with jiangsu long telegram has built the quantity of 50 k pieces of 12 inch bump processing (Bumping) factory, make the local industry chain of IC manufacturing jointly. In addition, jiangsu long telegram might make overseas mergers and acquisitions, buying the world testing foundry fourth, city star families account for 6.9% of the rate of Singapore testing factory chippac (STATSChipPAC); Jiangsu long telegram and STATSChipPAC, can achieve 9.8% market share, will become the world's third largest testing factory. In wafer foundry section, although the continent's biggest foundries smic city accounted for only 4.6%, it is not enough to pose a threat to Taiwan players, but the core policy support and the help of foreign capital in China, the city for five years is expected to grow to about 9%, into the top three in the world.

Facing the impact of China's semiconductor industry a strong rise, China Taiwan semiconductor industry in the past, although accumulated the abundant strength, but also should be careful to guard against, and actively develop blue ocean market, strengthening its niche. Mainland, for example, although in the 12th five-year plan, and actively support the development of microelectromechanical system (MEMS), but at present the MEMS market mainly dominated by Europe and the United States IDM and Fabless factory and manufacturer's concentration is high, the Chinese city of rate is still very low, and wearable device and the rise of the Internet of things, the relevant MEMS demand is expected to continue rising, how to actively into the MENS supply chain, one of the important subjects will be Taiwan semiconductor industry.

Despite the rise of mainland semiconductor semiconductor industry in Taiwan immediate impact is not obvious, but the export commodities has always been a Taiwan semiconductor, accumulative total from January to July, semiconductor related export customs export gross total close to 3, is the main export growth this year, Taiwan semiconductor related products exports will rise sharply since February of this year, and almost every month to maintain increase in more than 7% of the total, export total growth in other industries in June 5, contribution is almost zero, also only a small contribution to 0.4% in July, semiconductor exports to Taiwan has always been important, once the mainland semiconductor rise, even if the initial material impact is not big, but the psychological impact is inevitable!

The semiconductor industry account for 22% of the Taiwan stock market value, electronics industry of higher than 53%, the mainland semiconductor industry rise, even if short-term real impact in Taiwan is limited, but still affect the confidence of the investors holding Taiwan stocks, which lower the kinetic energy in the attack on Taiwan shares next year, investors should be careful to deal with.


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