The performance of Global PCB industry in the first half

    METI recently announced production data PCB industry in June, Taiwan, Germany, North America, China, South Korea and other countries also have to disclose the information. A brief description of the first half of 2014 PCB industry production data:
    Japan June shipments obvious signs of a rebound, revenue amounted to 40.67 billion yen, 5.8 percent more than the previous month, with shipments of up to 1.143 million square meters, an increase of 4.8% the previous month; to month terms, revenue and shipments 2014 volume hit a new high, but when the data is compared with the same period last year, although shipments increased 7.8%, but revenue was down 1.9%. This reflects the increase in the volume of the reason because the price decline. For Japan's major production build-up multilayer PCB industry, this trend is not uncommon. This year, shipments rose 8.6 percent last year, but revenue was down 4.1%, showing that in the past 12 months the price has fallen by 12 percent as much. Since the local demand for PCB limited to mobile phones, therefore only PCB manufacturers to cut prices to hit a low opponent attract customers is limited.
    As for the other major Japanese PCB industry products - soft double-sided and multilayer boards, with shipments greater revenue gap. Shipments rose 6.2 percent last year, but revenue dropped 27.4%. Fell more than 33% within one year of the sale price. Double-sided and multilayer boards are the main source of foreign smart phone and tablet computer manufacturers, Japanese PCB makers face major competitors from Taiwan and mainland China.
    Over the past two months, the circuit module carrier board and semiconductor packaging volume reported revenues and shipments rose, the main customers of these goods are overseas packaging companies. Recalling the 2014 first half, the total cumulative revenue 2,300 billion yen, down 1.2% over last year. For the local electronics industry, this is not evidence of a rebound is expected this year will not be better than 2013 (2013 is the worst since the 2008 year).
    Taiwan first announced revenues of NT $ 1,940 million, an increase of 7.49% over the same period last year. Daily soft MILL reached double-digit growth, nearly 20 percent; manufacturers would be expected in the second half will continue to receive orders, therefore Taiwan 2014 will be expected to reach double-digit growth.
    North American electronics industry has rebounded in the second quarter of 2014, but the first half of the cumulative PCB shipments are down 0.3 percent over last year, this year is expected to remain stable state.
    Germany in the first half increased by 3.2%, manufacturers receive more orders in the second quarter. German industry relatively volatile ups and downs, it is difficult to make sales forecasts. However, do not expect there will be more than 5% increase this year.
    South Korea did not disclose the substance of the data, making only the following Comment: As the PCB industry's largest customer Samsung Electronics, a positive strong competition for Chinese manufacturers. Samsung's Galaxy series is the flagship product, but its market share has continued to decline. When Samsung encounter any crisis, all the Korean PCB manufacturers are deeply concerned. Competition in Vietnam and mainland China so that PCB plant sales have reduced prices and production are expected to Korean domestic market will not have a positive growth.
    2014 global PCB industry will report double-digit profit overall, Taiwan and mainland China will continue to be a high ranking first in other markets such as Japan, North America, Western Europe and South Korea this year will remain stable.



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