Printed circuit board (PCB) industry chain released in August revenues

    Listed printed circuit board industry chain in August sales yesterday (10) days baked, cusp Technology (8021), the new Yang Technology (3144), Zhichao Technology (8021) and other "five outstanding" record, respectively, benefited "Apple takes" and notebook computer industry back to temperature, in the traditional peak season, is also optimistic about the market outlook.
    In addition to revenue cusp August rewrite the record five consecutive months, Asahi Soft electronic "Even three" new and competing national Industrial Janko top, for two consecutive months, Asahi Soft, competing state revenue, although bright, but the first two Unpaid quarter profit and revenue as bright as the transcripts.
    Zhichao into the notebook (NB) in the field, two major product in the fermentation and increase in production capacity from the thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) optical printed circuit board (PCB), the third quarter is expected to benefit from LCD TV (LCD TV ), information and communication products and price cuts over five to Microsoft Win8 NB replacement demand driven, it is worth looking forward to growing season effect shopping season ago.
    Except Zhichao, gold like electronics, Tripod Technology, will also feel Ying electronic orders warmed from NB, August sales also hit 71,40,21 each month high. Gold, like electricity, said orders from the server, the network, and it is continued good growth momentum; Tripod said that, as well as high-density connector (HDI) boards used in mainland smartphones warm and automotive electronics PCB continued to grow.
    New Janko said the recent growing demand for smart phones in addition to from the mainland, the downstream flexible printed circuit board (FPC) customer shipments dipping apples.
    Apple PCB supply chain will be the market focus, but FPC yet to produce explosive, any layer (Any Layer) HDI MILL China through computers, Yaohua electronics, Unimicron already see the benefits, Watertown approaching a record high in November last year, a record The first three years of high, Yaohua, Yan Chong Hing points 34,21-month high.
    Apple fever, sharp point at the customer more with Apple-related manufacturers and driven into the foundry, optimistic revenue before the end, and in the PCB into the season, the upstream gold foil plant Habitat Development in August revenues also rewrite 12 months a new high.


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