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PCB Assembly

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  China merchants bank has become the "king of retail" in the banking industry and the most active financial institution in the traditional banking system. In addition to the credit card business with the smart credit technology, and China unicom cooperated with the establishment of a joint consumer finance limited company, one of the few licensed consumer finance companies.
  In the eyes of ordinary people, traditional financial institutions are conservative, big ships are difficult to turn around, and the pace of financial science and technology is slow. However, reviewing the history of financial and financial technology, along with the progress of the information age, the bank of the "path to financial technology" has been never to stop, just applications more embodied in the basic process, the dimension of data, for example, users see only pay treasure and WeChat ubiquitous is convenient, but difficult to focus on the after Chinese modernized payment system (CNAPS), a high safety standards of electronic exchange system of commercial bank funds clearing hub system.
  In addition to the natural affinity for technology, the bank holds a large number of accurate and effective customer data, which is the best "raw material" for financial science and technology. As Mr Ma said, a bank is a high quality data of the company, most conditions, science and technology, "financial technology and blend between traditional financial, complementary advantages, this is the bank very broad prospects in the future."
  Financial technology to prevent "excessive innovation and pseudo-innovation"
  Source: li dongrong, President of China Internet finance association.
  Also in "the future of finance: change or change?" Points on the BBS, President of China‘s Internet financial association Li Dongrong in addition to expressing financial regulation "the first thing to pace with The Times the pace of progress, but also to adapt to the state", "innovation" is one of essential attributes of financial technology also published their own views.
  In Li Dongrong view, the regulation of financial innovation should pay attention to grasp the appropriate scale, both need to leave to observe the space available for practitioners, and to prevent the emergence of excessive innovation and pseudo especially.
  In fact, this is also the art of regulation, compared with tighter financial regulation in the United States, with financial corner overtaking the China science and technology, the regulators in the face of financial science and technology encouragement is obvious, temporarily see not too clear property financial often enough for space science and technology innovation. However, over the years, there have been two phenomena of excessive innovation and pseudo-innovation in the field of financial science and technology.
  The subprime crisis was discovered very late is because financial tool innovation more than the limit of relevant institutions risk assessment, now, on the horse‘s financial science and technology projects, some also brought investment behavior is not standard, risk accumulation, capital flight and other shortcomings, is very typical should be pay attention to and to crack down on "innovation". The "pseudo-innovation", which is aimed at avoiding legal regulation, should be dealt a blow when illegal fund-raising is rampant.
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