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PCBA Prototype

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  Time, understanding the nature of the business competition is getting more and more Chinese enterprises don‘t awake, always think as long as can through various means in the competition of market share accounted for a certain advantage, can be in red no longer speed into the red sea, and then put the competitors into disrepute, the final victory.
  This illusion has been particularly evident in the Internet industry in recent years, and this year is even more so.
  From the start, quickly, trill, weibo began to frequent war in public opinion between two "kill" or "destroyed" each other words appear in the refresh the words in the article no 100 times, should also have 99 times.
  Next, the Internet unicorns "Meituan is about to invade didi" began to enter the public eye, after the war in Shanghai, the two sides again "30%" the market share number in the news level chatter. War, of course, in addition to the unicorn, the Internet industry engagement between the two mount taishan is a through the logic of the thread, with wal-mart from tencent, allows users to "choose" was also brought out.
  The crowd is eating melon to watch the lively, the local people are frowning forward. It was only after several engagements that it seemed that the fighting did not help them gain any advantage in the competition. It‘s like when you see the tremolo, the clippers, the microblogs, which one of them has killed the other? Do you dare to say that after canceling the subsidy, Meituan must stay with the user and keep the driver? Do you think wal-mart only supports alipay, and users will not hesitate to unload the alipay?
  To be light: not to be aggressive.
  Why this blind faith in market share?
  The most immediate reason is that China‘s Internet industry has been thoroughly infected with "subsidies", "second choice" and "merger".
  Along with the Internet industry in China, from "three gold war", "alternative" "subsidy" and "m&a" successively debut, the Internet companies are eating enough, everyone found that compared to the hard work, innovation, hard to meet all these competition way is more clever, more directly.
  In the PC era, when kingsoft‘s shield just came out, it received rave reviews and a sharp increase in market share, which also attracted the red eyes of 360. 360 can‘t sit fast to launch its own similar products, and push the news to users: kingsoft shield and 360 are not compatible, please choose - uninstall or uninstall. This should be the first time in the history of China‘s Internet "alternative", as a result, a large number of users in the absence of choice uninstalled golden hill network shield, a rise obvious product should be killed.
  Later, jinshan won the lawsuit, but the compensation is far less than the loss. It lost the case but gained market share.
  In the era of mobile Internet, the relationship between people and the Internet is becoming more and more closely. Besides being a production tool, the embodiment of life tools is becoming more and more obvious. With the combination of the Internet and life, the transaction then began to bind.
  The "subsidy" captures the user‘s strong demand for tangible benefits, thus helping the enterprise to stimulate user increment and transaction increment, and finally give it an advantage in market share. When the enterprise chooses this kind of way, at the same time also chooses regardless of the cost, the certainty is that no matter the current "subsidy" how much, in the future through the scale effect easy fetch. In the travel market, there is a red envelope war; In the O2O market, Meituan is hungry. In a whole new field - sharing bikes, mobbiofo is a real exciting new world... All this proves that the "subsidy" strategy plays an important role in rapidly gaining market share.
  When the enterprise in the industry to thrive, in this way to squeeze one competitor station, without exception will appear the phenomenon - "duopoly" occupy the vast majority of market share, and perhaps might say there is a little big, said it‘s not a big suffer indignities, Lao.
  The brainpower of the capitalists began to emerge in the market, with mergers and acquisitions as the main means of harvesting. The root cause of most of this is the fact that neither of the two has a better way to beat the other, and the capital team behind them can‘t sit still. It is a little late to the work the Internet big mergers and acquisitions, from drops and fast, to the group and the public comments, and then to ctrip and where to go, eventually 58 and the fair, at the end of the day or even ofo: and the merger rumors are able to in the media level, the gushing... After the completion of the merger and acquisition basically completed the absolute rule in their respective market, people think that finally can enjoy the industry monopoly position as the state-owned enterprise.
  But is such a market share lead reliable? To be able to occupy the market forever and become "daddy"?
  In the 3Q war, ma huateng told us that "choice one" was "a very difficult decision", and the decision was dropped the next day. But as a result of the decision to live for only one day, the number of people covered by MSN, tencent‘s QQ rival, grew by more than 23 million.
  It is easy to take a taxi in the travel market, charging 1000 yuan for 1000 yuan, which is not generous, but how does it end? Everyone says that Letv is so bad that it‘s easier to think about what‘s easier to get into the pit of Letv.
  If didi kuaidi is able to sit on mount tai soon, then how could it be that Uber and the United States take a taxi? If ctrip can go anywhere, it is simply too much to bear because of the public outcry over its independence.
  So, still blindly choosing these ways to open the business competition, is a certain degree of tactical laziness, unenterprising?
  To put it bluntly: lack of innovation awareness.
  Do you know what the q&a is about "business competition"? "The ability to beep in the business competition." The high-ticket answer is easily reaped with tens of thousands of endorsements with a full-screen "no AD". In addition to the extreme antipathy to video advertising, this phenomenon is more a recognition of the differentiation and innovation in video red sea.
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